Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety and Health Policy

AEE POWER EPC S.A.U performs the Coordination of Turnkey Projects in the energy sector (electrical grids, transformer stations and substations).

The main lines of the policy, established and defended directly by the General Manager of AEE POWER, are set out below:

  • To work with the firm commitment of achieving the highest possible degree of customer satisfaction, within the current legal framework, and making our very best effort in meeting the contractual obligations established with them.
  • The Management will make available to its personnel the resources and equipment necessary for the effective performance of the work contracted by our customers.
  • To make certain that all of the personnel have the necessary skills, the training and the appropriate qualifications, with the aim of ensuring that the level necessary for performing the activities is achieved and maintained.
  • All of the projects for which we are contracted will be performed in accordance with the legal requirements and other requirements acquired by the company and with the appropriate degree of professionalism, independence, impartiality and integrity by the personnel who carry them out.
  • To ensure the quality of the services provided; the protection of the environment, including pollution prevention, and the prevention of damages and health deterioration even when, occasionally, portions of the services are subcontracted.
  • To ensure the proper and effective processing of claims, in relation to the work performed for a customer, adopting the measures necessary for preventing the repetition of the causes which gave rise to the claim.
  • To guarantee adequate control of the documented information, in such a way as to ensure that the persons who require a specific document for their work will have access to it in the edition applicable, preventing any and all possibility of confusion.
  • The Management will promote the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the processes, and of the environmental, quality and Health and Safety performance.
  • The Management has delegated to the Quality, Environment and Health and Safety department the authority and responsibility necessary for ensuring that the Management System implemented will be kept updated and will comply, at all times, with the requirements of the reference Standards.
  • The Management will provide the resources necessary for this Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Policy to be disseminated, understood, implemented and kept updated throughout the Organisation, ensuring that it is available to the interested parties.


Approved by the General Manager:

Fernando J. Pablo Bujanda