Vincent Noel Vika di Panzi

Vincent Noel Vika di Panzu

General Manager of Katanga Energy

Vika serves presently as Managing Director of KATen, a subsidiary of AEE Power created in the framework of the 2014 New Electricity Act that fully liberalized the DRC power sector. He is an Electrical Engineer from University Lovanium, of Kinshasa, in 1974. Thanks to his 35-year-long proffessional career in SNEL, a state-owned power utility in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Vika brings extensive background and invaluable experience to the company. During his time in SNEL, rising from the bottom to the top, Vika was actively involved in power generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization, and export of power to Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. He is former Deputy CEO of SNEL, from 1994 to 1997, and signed on behalf of SNEL, as Founder Member of SAPP (Southern Africa Power Power Pool) in dec 1995.

After being Advisor in International power business and SADC (Southern Africa Development Community) Energy Contact Point for DRC, 1998-2004, he was again CEO of SNEL, from 2004 to 2007. He also signed, on behalf of SNEL, as Founder Member of CAPP (Central Africa Power Pool) in 2005. As CEO of SNEL, he successfuly started PPP initiatives as alternative sources of funding for the rehabilitation of infrastructures, namely at INGA 2 (1 group of 174 MW) and NSEKE (4 groups totalling 240 MW) HPP and NR KASAPA 220 kV/300 MA substation at Lubumbashi.

After SNEL, he occupied various Executive positions in the public sector as Director of Cabinet of Ministry of Energy, Chairman of INGA 3 Steering Committee, Member of the board of SNEL representing the Ministry of Energy and Coordinator at government level of electrification projects funded by WB, ADB and EIB. As Director of Cabinet he was leader in the drafting of the New Electricity Act in DRC.

Since 2016 he was appointed at non-executive positions as Chairman of Board of Directors of Ecobank DRC and Board Member of PPC Barnet Cement DRC.

He is also a Senior Independent Consultant in the power sector of DRC and SADC countries.